Friday 10 April 2009

Frequently asked question about automatic blade inspections

These days I receive numerous mails and phone calls pointing out there is a new automatic blade inspection device available.

“Do you know this robotic system?” they ask. Yes, but …

From time to time you may find breaking news about putative brilliant inventions to solve the necessary blade inspections without the needs of a human inspector. Fantastic ideas are presented and spread out full-bodied across mainstream media. I don’t mind if this information is precise and do not keep quiet about the fact that this is based on academic style pipe dreams, chimeras to win project sponoring and not worth to deal with it. I even don’t mind the fact originators have to suffer in their upcoming insomnia which may develop to a full-grown nightmare when the truth was made public. It is for sure that top-ranking scientific institutes may suffer the loss of their reputation playing around like this.

Sorry, I don’t care.

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