Friday 18 December 2015

Martin Grabert our expert down under

Dr. Martin Grabert, Brisbane, Australia, now supports HMS Experts & Classification Society (HMS Sachverständige Berlin e.V.) down under. As a student of astronautics and aeronautics he was one of the first coworkers in the first Aircraft Design Company of West-Berlin, the innovative enterprise carrying the letters HMS in its corporate name, dedicated to develop a High Performance Powered Glider Airplane. I proudly present his cumulated professional experience in research support and collaboration activities.

Friday 22 May 2015

Production related weakness - how do you rate it?

HMS Experts in composite production technology Dr. Mertins and Dr. Holstein evaluating alignment of spar caps congruency to web suspension. What if waves and wrinkles weakens carbon girders? Can asymmetric load case trigger buckling? What if bonding lines of substructure between web and shell and of course at leading and trailing edge is of suboptimal adhesive performance? Can we trust flatback smooth curvature of LE UD reinforcement. Are international varying work behavior and cultural work related disciplin have influence on average blade production quality?

Sunday 1 February 2015

Non-OEM Major Blade Repairs

D-Check of two V44 blades

Wind turbine blade damages spread in terms of its severeness from a cosmetic minor to a major structural relevant level. Not often such fatal damages are beyond profitable reconstruction cost estimates. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) usually play that game with joy selling supposed total losses to insurance companies who are regularly unable to cope. 

HMS "the expert's voice" networks intends to escort blade owners in order to perform major overhaul (heavy maintenance visit) such blade patients without OEM support but nevertheless show long-lasting service life. Independance is our credo enabling potential blade service companies in order to provide e.g. high level carbon fiber repair technology and/or LPS reconstruction. Customers position such turns out to be the winner of unproductive stand-off situation at the end of the day.

It is our focus to handle catastrophic damages, make classification of damage level and design repair measures. We make safe that repair concept, workmanship and performance of repair execution is provided within requested ambitious level. Such we approve the repair trough the power of 20 years independent experts experience and keep an eye on conformity and formal approval referring to certification standards.