Wednesday 3 February 2010

You ask for more information about the book project: tell the story of a case

First of all I would like to thank you all for your openness to contribute in one or the other way. I would very much appreciate if you could manage to describe a case where your technique or the concept you promoted was successful. This might be, for example, NDT in detecting rotor blade defects. There is some fascinating experience I know of, where ultrasound specialists have scanned sandwich sections with balsa core material where glass fibre layers were partially cut in some inexpressible stupid production process steps. If you don’t mind and if you are able to tell this story without embarrassing the involved parties, this way of illumination of the manuscript has my preference. That long winding canticle your competitors offer talking of putative ingenious equipment is boring to me. My intention is to act on fact boiling down the stories of this book.

I have some other "stories", or let us say "cases" in mind:
-> the peril of what we call greased lightning or
-> the putative efficiency of the 24 hours production cycle or
-> total blade quality through cascading qualified subsystem elements like embedded inserts, pultruded or prelaminated and consolidated structural sections and others.

What about your "story"? No wrinkles, collapsed flanges, tumbling webs ...
How do you feel about active load controlled single pitched blades?
What is the first thing you blade-brained guys have in mind if you go for 10 Megawatt machines?

Anyway - deadline of this call for contribution is coming up soon and I will get back to you offering a conference call for authors of the short list.

Take care - we do.