Wednesday 10 August 2011

Lightning strike event scale

We talk about MINOR COSMETIC findings due to LS when only receptors and blade surface in some way swept over by lightning current. In those cases even receptors do not have to be substituted.
A bit more impact is performing the category WEAR OF COMPONENT, where receptors, connections and sparc gap are affected.
If you might find DAMAGE TO COMPONENTS, you have to admit that not only wear of structural integrity had happend, but also overload in critical sectors. You can have reasonable suspicion that lightning protection system is somehow a wrong design.
Incident with BREAK DOWN OF SYSTEM: in this category the component, i.e. blade is desintegrated and has to be replaced or repaired comprehensively.
And if there had been DAMAGE TO OTHER SYSTEMS you might talk about an accident with wider consequences.
(Event scale stated by Thomas H. Krogh, Electricon, Herning, DK)