Tuesday 7 November 2023

Does the wind industry have a blade problem?

Since primary structural elements in wind turbine blades are designed with carbon fibre spar caps we face increasing damage scenarios by lightning impact.

Lightning can also have a big impact on the blade if there is carbon fibre built in primary load carrying structures like spar caps. Sometimes, lightning only leaves pinholes in the shell; sometimes, some lightning damage propagate to full blade failure if left unrepaired. Insurance companies in US report one-quarter to two-thirds of all wind farm-related claims involve lightning.*

* M.Malkin, A.Byrne, D.Griffin, DNVGL.com: Does the wind industry have a blade problem?, in: North American Wind Power

Semi-automatic linear motor driven sensor delivers focused signal

A phased array ultrasonic spar cap scanning device for uptower rope access is a cutting-edge technology that enables the inspection of spar caps (the primary load-carrying members) in wind turbines. This device allows technicians to conduct thorough and efficient inspections while suspended from ropes on the wind turbine tower. By using phased array ultrasonic technology, it can provide high-resolution imaging and accurate data on the condition of the spar caps, ensuring the structural integrity of the turbine.

This significantly enhances the safety and effectiveness of wind turbine maintenance and inspection and repair operations since uptower repair decision is obviously not only technological motivated but also a powerful business model and commercial cash cow.

Our focus is to invest in this non destructive technologies and gather experience for investigating the feasibility and reliability of a potential repair of the damaged areas in order to increase transparency of residual service life of retrofited blades. 

Sunday 5 March 2023

Let‘s go Odenwald

Again lightning stroke has been observed

Let’s go Odenwald! With a good friend on the set.
(im Bild: Uwe Scherbaum, wind-check.de)

Ohhh, I never saw anyone crawling deeper!